The farm was born for a persistent recall to the nature and the soil of Mr. Beccarello, current President and legal representative of the "Beccarello S.r.l.". Aware of the typical traditions and ways of doing of the place, he began to start studying the soil than the plants and at the end the grapes. For a natural intuition he gave an answer to a question that is the key of all the viticulture " why in a equal soil two different farms can produce so different wines? Why the soils in different regions can give different wines?" From these two questions were born the answers for the right modern viticulture: " terroir". This word encloses all those elements that today constitute an environment that helps a typology of vine; elements that we can classify in:

The soil

The microclimate

The portinnesto and the clones variety

The breeding of the grapes

Our wines:

Our efforts are not only turned towards traditional and "young" wines of
the area, but also towards aged wines, the so-called "Barrique", these are: Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon all D.O.C. wines. All of that is the pay of more than 25 years of continuous researches, experimentations and investments that have found the right recognition in the citation at the " Asti Douja D'or" in 1992 - 94 - 96, at the " Mostra Nazionale di Pramaggiore" in 1985 - 86 - 87 - 89 - 90 and in the certificate of the Ministry of the Italian Agriculture and Forestry for "the contribution given to the cultivation of the grapes and to the Italian viticulture in the Veneto region" with the award " Cangrande di Verona" ( Vinitaly 1991). According to the specialistic magazine Taste VIN:

"… in France a similar vine would be surely one of the most estimated Chateau not only for the high quality of the wine, but also for the management of the farm, for the oenological knowledge, for the solid culture…".

The strategy of the farm has been always the one not to aim to the big production but to the continuity of the quality and exploitation of the own products through a meticulous research of the high quality.


  • 5 types of white wines:

    5 D.O.C.
    Pinot Grigio
    Tocai Riesling

  • Sparkling line:
    Sparkling wine from cuvè of Chardonnay and one obtained with exclusive methods of wine-making.

  • 8 types of red wines:

    4 D.O.C.

    Cabernet Franc
    Cabernet Suvignon

    4 I.G.T.

    Rosso del Giubileo
    Rosso di Fratta