The microclimate:

Seasonal course, temperatures, intensity of the sun-light, rainfall, these are elements not to neglect if a good wine is wanted to be produced. The vine, for example, is a plant that does not love excesses of water but, at the same time, enormously suffers its deficiency reaching, in case of water stress, to compromise the product. This is the reason because some time ago the exceptional vintage years of wines were subject only to the climatic course. Thanks to the fact to be situated on a middle calcareous and highly draining soil, thanks to the fact to be near the sea and therefore sunny days with light breeze, and thanks to an over foliage irrigation system controlled by a weather station that gives the daily water consumptions of the plants, our farm has the possibility to remedy to the bad weather conditions and to allow the plants to grow and develop in the best conditions so to give, every year, an high quality product.