According to the type of wine the production technologies change:

Characteristic of these wines is the right balance between body and sweetness: not too much bodied not too much palatable. Grapes are harvested not in over- maturation. Fermentation is done with the peels that have the necessary tannins and antociani so to give the right body and colouring to the wine. The fermentation happens at controlled temperature ( 28 - 30 degrees) and once reached the consumption of the sugars, it is stopped. At this point the wine is decanted and than will start the second or manolactic fermentation. Times of these processes vary from 5 to 8 days. the results is a wine that is, normally, ready after some months because of its scarcity of tannins and body; alcohol goes from 11 to 12 degrees. It is a good taste wine, drinkable with all kind of food and also for all the days without uncorking in advance.