Our farm is located in the north part of the Venice district, next to the border with Friuli - Venezia - Giulia and with the Tagliamento river that is near to Concordia Saggitaria, famous at the time of the Roman Empire as arrows supplier of the Roman army ( Saggitaria - from latin sagitta = arrow).

Luciano Beccarello
, founder of the homonymous farm, is a man of sterling character, of his word, and, above all care man, untiring worker, obstinate seeking of the best, always. In this way he appeared to the inhabitants, when, in middle of the seventies, he arrived at Fossalta di Portogruaro (VE), in one of the most important wines areas of the Veneto ( Lison Pramaggiore) and decided to acquire a plot of land ( 13 hectars) starting to upset it.

" I had thought to become again vine-dresser and to produce vintage wines, he said, and for this reason I reached Villanova, sure that the chosen soil was the right one!."
He was right, because that soil, placed nearly to the Roman road named Postumia, built in the 148 A.C., is a great wine soil. Under a superficial layer of medium paste ( 40 - 70 cm. formed by clay - slime - sand), there is 3 meters thick of sand, specifically carbonate of calcium and magnesium deriving from carnico - dolomites rocks crushed and dragged on the plain from the floods of the Tagliamento. The physicist - chemical composition of that soil is very important for the viticulture because is highly draining and gives, therefore, lean, dry and flavoured wines because of the presence of limestone.